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Lavender & Rosemary Kush Blend

  • Pain salve…

    By the way, I had a cervical fusion on my neck quite a few years ago and my current aggravation is my neck seizing up. Since I’ve been using that pain salve on my spine and a little of the anti-stress ointment on the back of my neck at night, my neck has been ‘popping’ every morning!! I use a tennis ball to pop my back and now sometimes my vertebrae will shift on their own with minimal effort. GREAT PRODUCT!! Keep up the good work.

    – Diana

  • CBD oil/Tincture …

    Kaya I’m super excited to share the need with you about my uncle’s incurable lung cancer that has VANISHED into thin air!
    Unable to be detected even by radioscopy!
    I think the 1000 ml CBD oil is the bomb nuclear 😊🙏
    Thank you for your amazing line of products. We are truly blessed to know you, thank you! thank you!  thank you!
    My aunt thanks you also 😊👍


    – Eric
  • Lip balm leaves my lips so soft…

    I Love all of the Kayabliss healing products that I’ve tried so far, the detoxifying lavender & TeaTree extracts deoderant works very well all day, the lip balm leaves my lips so soft, and I am using the anti aging serum and a man who went to junior high school recognized me at Country Grocer today, that was 43 years ago, so shout out to Kaya for her Amazing products.

    – Tammy

  • Her skin is looking amazing!!

    Love your products. Nothing worked to clear up my daughters psoriasis until she started using Kaya Bliss Organic Skin Balm. Her skin is looking amazing!!

    – Carmen

  • Loving the Kaya Bliss products…

    Loving the Kaya Bliss products that I have tried so far!! Looking forward to trying more!!! 🙂

    – Sherry

  • Kaya Bliss products are the best!…

    Kaya Bliss products are the best! All natural face moisturizer took care of my dry skin in this harsh winter weather.

    – Mark

  • I personally had the pleasure…

    I personally had the pleasure of joining kaya at a market and heard some incredible stories about how her products were helping people feel amazing. We at home have also used her products, I love them all especially the pain salve and the lavender bedtime tincture.

    – Sharleen

  • Amazing and healing product’s…

    Kaya makes some amazing and healing product’s.
    Her love for your health and the environment really shows. I would reccomend any of the products them everyone.

    – Ashley

  • Products you can feel good about…

    Kaya Bliss- products you can feel good about, and recommend with confidence. Made with only the best products and lots of care, you really can see the difference! Wether your you medically need these products or use them as preventive they actually DO what they claim. Each product lasts longer than you would imagine, and knowing they are made fresh not years ago in a warehouse you can see why they last. Fresh is best! Plus, Kaya is infectious, meeting her you see her passion and love for what she’s doing. Personally, I’m hooked for life ❤

    – Jocelyn

  • I love Kaya Bliss products!

    “I love Kaya Bliss products! I am currently using the deodorant, pain salve (for aching muscles after the gym), & face moisturizer.”

    – Edward

  • Top notch products…

    “Kayabliss top notch products! Wish i could  leave 10 stars. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆”

    – Loraine

  • I suffer from a side effects…

    “I suffer from a side effect from chemo therapy and get pains in my hands and feet that feel like walking on a hot bed of coals. The pain at times has left me in tears. I have tried many remedies. Kaya asked me to try some of her pain salve on my feet and within 5 to 7 minutes the pain was gone. What a godsend, I truly love this product and its inventor.”

    – Max

  • Amazing Service…

    “Not only are Kayabliss products amazing so is her service. I was in the hospital for a prolonged period of time and underwent 4 surgeries. She delivered to me multiple times right to my bedside. I used the honey in my tea along with the lavender evening tincture and ot helped me sleep better then any dr reccomended. I used the pain salve on my arm with extensive nerve damage and it almost instantly relived the pain.  I would reccomended her healing product and services to anyone!”

    – Sam

  • Love the rubs….

    Love the rubs, tinctures. Everything I’ve ever tried works great for my needs.

    – Wendy

  • What a difference quality makes…

    These products are all amazing they work exactly as they should. What a difference quality ingredients make.
    I also love thay theyre made by one super cool lady trailblazing threw the industry.  You go girl 😉

    – Daniella

  • These products amazing!

    “These products are nothing short of amazing. If you have arthritis use the topical and bam within minutes your pain is gone! If you have cancer it will shrink or cysts. No ill effects just the miraculous poet of the almighty healing herb.
    Thank you Kayabliss for amazing products.”

    – Erick

  • Beautiful products

    “Beautiful products. I really love that they are organic you actually feel like you are pampering yourself when you use them.”

    – Chantelle

  • Tried and true…

    “Tried and true, caring, compassionate and effective products. Highly recommend!”

    – MacKenzie

  • I’ve loved everything…

    “I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Kayabliss so far, especially the deodorant. It is my main deodorant I’ll use from now on.”

    – Megan

  • I have tried almost all…

    “I have tried almost all the product and love them.  The face serum is to die for!  You will not be sorry for trying them out yourself.”

    – Joy

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