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Kaya’s Bio


For those of you new to KayaBliss, I am the mind behind the magic. A hard-working housewife striving to provide quality cannabis-infused organic topicals at affordable prices to my community.

I like to joke around and tell people ” I was born under a grow light” but actually I was born in Vancouver and island raised from the age of 2 in a little town called Youbou or as many say “you-grow.”

My CannaPrenuering started when I was just a young bud, always an activist for the healing properties of the plant itself, its healing possibilities are endless and Cannabis Is Actually ” Safer Then Peanuts.”

I discovered by using the plant’s raw medicinal properties along with essential oil blends, arnica and organic preservative-free ingredients in a pain salve, it could change my life.
I have struggled with many injuries over the years (naturally accident prone horseback rider) and surgery to both my feet.
 I may have the feet of a 70-year-old woman but with the use of these products, my discomfort is greatly reduced.

I have always been interested in natural healing, my mother, an energy healing hippie nutritionist raised me pretty green with an open mind so it came easily to me.

I began mixing small batches of this miracle salve for personal use but word spread to my family and peers and before I knew it I was mixing more and more.

It was a hit! And with the success of my very first product “organic pain salve” I took all the positive feedback and continued to grow a selection of other equally amazing products.

With a wide range of healing remedies tailored to all kinds of ailments. Things like headaches, allergies, stress, addiction and detox, immune boosting tinctures, all skin problem, psoriasis, eczema, muscle, joint and nerve pains, bruising, a detoxifying deodorant, wrinkle-fighting serums for aging, hair growth, beard balm and more.   Definitely something for everyone.

Farm to table, quality crafted non-psychoactive topicals made with love.

By yours truly  Kaya